Re The Carpet Frogs -set list

      (commonly referred to as the “Soundtrack of your Lives”)     


   Its really hard to nail down a set list for these guys , their repertoire of music is over 750 songs most ranging from 1950 to 1975 and a few classics from the 90's- 2000’s.

Nick ,the lead singer is very very good at reading the crowd their performing for and choosing the next song on the fly.

  Your clients will hear the greatest  recreations of the songs that they've ever  heard, from The Beatles , The Stones,Elvis,Chubby Checker ,Dion ,CCR , The Guess Who,

The Eagles,CSNY,Buffalo Springfield, Michel Pagliaro -(a Montreal FAV), CheapTrick , and even Conway Twitty ,Johnny Cash ,Zeppelin ,AC DC,The Knack,

if it that's what the crowd wants.

They have a great selection of British Invasion available as well.

They also do their own version of stump the band whereby the audience is welcomed to yell out artist or song names to try stump the band and then the band plays a song by that artist , this has been a big hit at past events and they don't get stumped very often.

It works every time and this is why 70% of our business is repeat business,from Mayors Galas to 4000 person Corporate Awards Galas and Parties,Casinos,Anniversaries,Special Occasions,TV Shows and Festival dates as well as producing tracks for Commercials.

If you haven't seen them play their own show perhaps you saw the Burton Cummings broadcast from BC place for the Olympics 2010, then you saw the band in great form with Burton. Also Live 8 with Randy Bachman and many Juno awards shows,CWOF Awards,Songwriters Hall Of Fame awards or any  Bachman * Cummings or

Burton Cummings show in the past 13 years.

Oct. 2011 Canada’s Walk Of Fame tribute to Burton Cummings with TV star

Eric McCormack.

The Carpet Frogs appear on Burtons Above The Ground Cd / dvd 2009 , and a few Bachman*Cummings cds / dvds.

LIVE 8 disc set.Burton Cummings “Massey Hall “disc

Hope this helps give you an idea of what to expect for your clients.

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